My husband and I are proud owners of a 15-month-old mixed breed female, who has a grandmother and grandmother’s father who are Norwegian Forest Cats.

Our little “Melissa” is a cuddly, but very independent girl who really knows what she wants and she can get very angry if she does not get what she wants.

She is an outdoor cat with her own hatch so she comes and goes as she pleases and now she has started to disappear for several days in a row to then come back to us again.

Does sterilization help?

We think it’s sad that she’s gone so much and therefore want to either get another cat or a small dog. Which cat and dog breeds are suitable to combine?

If we get a puppy, we have imagined a Chihuahua. What do you think about that?

Will “Melissa” get so mad at the new one that she might leave home without coming back again?

Should you get an adult cat / dog or kitten / puppy when you get a friend? Is it a good idea to take care of a cat from an animal shelter?

We want to be careful about what we do because “Melissa” is such a big part of our family and we absolutely do not want to make her not thrive or disappear.

If you discover that it does not work between the two, puppy or kitten, can you then return it or do you have to solve it all privately?

I would also like to ask a stupid question about gender.

Even though she is an outdoor cat, she has not yet had any kittens (we have many who want kittens after her, so we have not neutered her yet), is it unusual?

We were so surprised that there were none this summer that we have begun to doubt that she really is a female.

We found out when she was really small and then we just took it for granted. It’s hard to see too because she’s long haired.

I also do not know if the vet checked or if she just took our word for it when we vaccinated “Melissa”. Thanks in advance

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022