We have recently brought home a little kitten named Melker (about 3 days ago).

As we have not gotten to know him completely yet, we are of course worried when he does not want to eat properly and have nothing to compare it with since he is new to the family.

He has licked himself very little “wet food” this morning.

We’re trying to get him to drink a lot of water.

But he doesn’t really drink a lot of water, neither.

He went to the toilet approximately half an hour ago and it was then light diarrhea.

He has also vomited twice since this morning. Last time type light foam.

Is it because he has not eaten anything and there is some kind of stomach acid or similar coming up?

We have tried to play with him, to activate him.

He plays and is happy, but gets tough pretty quickly. He is what we have noticed so far, quite calm for being a kitten. Cuddles a lot and wants to be with us all the time.

Follows us and so on. But you get so worried when he does not want to eat as he should. It is only today that we have begun to notice that he has no specific appetite. Possibly a slight trend since yesterday.

But hard to say…

Is there anything we can do about it now?

Is it over?

Or is your advice that we should wait and see how he behaves for another 24 hours?

Or should we simply go to a vet immediately?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022