I have a cat that comes from a cat home, which is now five years old.

When she was found she only had one working eye, the other was ‘half’ and they did not know if it was congenital or due to a stroke.

Since her nose is also a little more compressed on that side and that the cheekbones do not stand out as much, I guess the latter.

From time to time she has sounded just as if something is stuck either in the nose or throat, much like when a person has a cold and has mucus in the throat or when you have a cold and get some kind of “lid” in the throat.

When she sleeps, it’s easy for her to start snoring when it’s like this.

It has previously resolved itself after a few days, and I have guessed that it is dust in combination with the pressed nose that has caused her ‘clogging’.

Now, however, she has sounded like that for a couple of days (it looks like grunts), and it sounds extra clear when she eats or washes herself because then it sounds more like she is vomiting.

My partner and I have looked in both nose and throat but without seeing anything that could be the cause.

She and the other cat are indoor cats and therefore I do not think it is grass or the like.

She also does not seem to have problems with breathing, she eats, drinks, walks on the box and mischief as usual.

When she has sneezed so that the cord has been transparent, sometimes a little more whitish.

Could this be due to dust or something else? Is there any way we can help her, e.g. to make her sneeze or something?

It should be added that she is the kind of cat that does not vomit hairballs but swallows them directly and I also wonder if it could be something like that that has caused this.

Should we wait or can it be something that can only be solved at a veterinarian?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022