I have an 11-year-old cat that has been declining for some years now, lately drastically.

He has been diagnosed with arthritis after a visit to the vet due to a bone injury. This cat has become increasingly shy and withdraws. Peeing in sinks and in the shower.

Claws marks on the neighbor’s car and runs into them sometimes when they open the door and they are unfortunately super allergic to fur animals.

We had our first child last year and do not have time to give her the attention she is used to, which gives us terrible feelings of guilt.

We have tried to find another home for her without results and I am contemplating whether to put her to sleep or not.

But I get such feelings of guilt.

How long does a cat live with arthritis?

Is it wrong to think of putting him to sleep?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022