I have two cats that are ten months old, one of which I am a little worried about.

First of all, she’s a little thinner than the other, but if it’s because they are not full siblings, I do not know.

The problem is that this little girl, named Pandora, has for a long time had a loose stomach, it just runs off her and she walks quite often on the box.

She gets the same food as the other cat, Medea, but it has no stomach problems.

Problem two is that this little cute sparrow also seems to have chronic sneezing if there is such a thing.

She often gets sneezing attacks with small sneezes that become a big prostitute.

Sometimes it is as if it is stuffy in the nose before the sneezing comes. She has had problems with this since we got her eleven weeks old.

Is there anything to worry about, do you think it could be serious?

Also thinking about castration. Both are indoor cats, should you neuter them anyway?

Which is best for the cats?

Talked to the vet and she said that if they are indoor cats, it is not needed, but have also heard from other places that it is good to neuter them anyway.

Can there be complications in connection with castration.

What happens in the next few days following castration?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022