I have a cat that is 15 years old and has recurring problems with its ears.

Polyps have formed due to recurrent ear infections.

One ear has been a real blood ear that the vet had to empty.

It has now shrunk to a cauliflower ear and unfortunately there is no passage directly into the ear canal so you can keep it clean and treat with drops.

The cat is very in love with us and lively and food-loving by the way, but gets fungus and bumps that form in the ear that is clogged.

Now the vet says that if you remove the earlobe, you can open up the ear and thus get a passage so you can keep it clean.

The cat is not ours from the beginning and is therefore not insured. But as I said, we are willing to bear the cost because we like the cat so much and she has an extremely affectionate way.

My question to you is if this will work and sound like a good option?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022