I live on a farm where we have farm cats that are between 9-10 years old.

The cats are my everything but I am worried about them as we have taken care of a cat that has been lost or is a summer cat.

It was really emaciated when it came here about two weeks ago but is recovering quickly. Now to my questions.

1) How big is the risk that the other two cats will be infected with rabies by the new cat if it is a stray cat?

2) How quickly do the symptoms appear in such cases and what is the first symptom the cat gets and should be looked for?

3) How big is the risk that I get infected with rabies as I often have small wounds that the cats lick? And I have been scratched by the cats several times, licked in the face and on the mouth as well.

4) If I were to be infected with rabies, what are the first symptoms I get and should check for?

5) I always wash myself with soap and water when I have been in contact with the cats and they licked me. Sometimes I use hand disinfection, is this good protection against rabies when you get scratched, licked or bitten by your cat?

6) How big is the risk that the new cat will infect the other two with something?

7) Is it really necessary to vaccinate such old cats?

8) If we keep the new cat, what should we vaccinate it against?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022