Hi, I brought home my Persian kitten 12 days ago (he is soon 16 weeks old).

He has since sneezed a lot, sometimes there can be many sneezes on the rake.

It also flows from the eyes and nose, I know this is common for Persians but when it eats my first I’m not sure if it should be this much?

The nose is sort of filled with “crows” and around the eyes it turns yellow, I have washed with water but now started with table salt instead.

He also licks his nose a lot and like chewing even though he does not chew on anything, feels a bit like a strange tick?

In my opinion, he is still alert and eats and drinks regularly, however, sneezing and snoring seem to be difficult for him.

Looked in the ears now too and there I saw several small brown spots, but can an indoor cat get ear scabies? He does not scratch about them or so.

What can it be? Thanks for the help!

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022