A close relative lost his 8-year-old female cat last night.

The cat got up to drink and then took some dry food (Whiskas).

While she ate, the owner hears a small “sob” and a beeping sound.

The cat starts running around.

The owner rushes to the cat that has stopped running and now crawls and pees.

Rescue attempts are made to remove what may have stuck in the throat.

It did not help.

The cat got even more scared and started scratching very hard around it. Runs up on the couch and dies, about 2-3 minutes of drama in total.

The owner looked in his mouth and saw quite a lot of light mucus.

What we are wondering is (and I know that it is completely impossible for you to give an answer to this) but still want to hear a little about what you might think it may have been, if the cat died of suffocation or if it got something else such as cardiac arrest or cerebral haemorrhage?

That she got up and drank and ate a little because she felt sick.

Had already eaten about 2-3 hours before.

This nice little girl comes from our own litter and they have herpes and her two siblings died as kittens.

That she was allowed to live is a miracle. A fragile girl but strong naked cat.

Is there mucus in the mouth when suffocating occurs in cats?

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish May 30, 2022