I sought help on your website for a problem I have but did not find a really good tip on the FAQ so I’m sending in my own question – hope that’s fine.

I do not own a cat myself and have always had a neutral attitude towards cats and other pets. I live in an old residential area where many of the neighbors have cats.

Since approximately a year back, two or three cats regularly visit my carport, pretty much every night or early in the morning.

The cats are climbing on my car and it has happened that they have marked the car roof.

I need to set up a bird net around the car every night.

This prevents the cats from jumping on the car, but I see every morning that the cats have walked around the car.

It all makes me annoyed and sometimes even furious.

I have raised the matter with the neighbors but everyone says that THEIR little cat would never do that. Do you have any tips?

The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022