Thinking about different treatments around the thyroid gland vs not treating.

Diet, tablets and iodine treatment. Without treatment, the cat gradually gets worse.

Correct? Are there no other options? Can not cure, but relieve maybe?

Are the drugs Thacapzol and Felimazole equivalent?

Or is there a difference that makes one medicine better suited than the other depending on the cat’s condition / problems in general?

If a cat already has low levels of red blood cells, is this treatment out of the question? Kidney worries?

Iodine treatment, I perceive that you do not want to do on old cats as it is too strenuous.

Especially if the cat has other ailments such as kidney problems.


Y / D diet must not be mixed with another if it is to have the intended effect?

Can cats that do not have such problems eat it without problems?

If you have several cats, it is difficult to prevent, I mean.

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