During treatment with Felimazole, it is stated, among other things, that you should wash your hands after giving the medicine and be careful when emptying the litter box.

If you treat a cat with Felimazole, how does it affect other cats living in the same household?

I can not find any information about it.

Is it ok for them to eat / drink from the same plate and fulfill their needs in the same boxes?

Given that people should be extra careful with hygiene, it would be interesting to know if other animals should be taken into account in any way.

What about cat litter?

The drug is excreted via the urine and ends up in the cat boxes where both 2 healthy and a sick cat during treatment trample around.

Will the other cats react to the substance and is it dangerous for them?

If so, is there special cat litter or what do you do?

Many thanks for answering previous questions! 🙂

The Cat Advisor Changed status to publish June 1, 2022