My parents have two domestic cats, one of each sex, and one dog Jack Russell.

They live in the countryside, with large plots and a lot of free woodland around.

All three can come and go as they please and are pretty good friends, the cats are siblings.

The male cat, Mickey, is neutered and a real iron cat.

He is almost never home, when he comes home he only eats and sleeps. Sometimes he’s out all night.

This is a big problem for my parents and my father has tried to track down Mickey to see where he is going and what he is doing.

Mickey has no wounds on his body when he comes home. He is very tired, but happy and hungry.

He is never away for several days, but comes home no later than the next day, then sits on the stairs and moans.

My father usually in the evenings when it gets dark go out and shout at both cats and the female cat shows up but never the male cat.

Half the time he comes after a couple of hours and half the time he comes in the morning.

According to my father, Mickey comes home less and less often in the evenings.

Why does Mickey behave like this?

It can not be because of unhappiness because my father loves him.

Can you help us?


The Cat Advisor Answered question May 29, 2022