Study shows: Owning a cat protects you against stress

Having pets makes you less stressed. Several studies show that both cat and dog are good for health.

Cuddling with a cat can reduce both blood pressure and heart rate.

That a dog is good for health is not so strange because you get exercise and can stay outdoors.

But several studies show that the same thing applies to cats and cats do not need to be taken out immediately.

They like to go out on their own or they may not go out at all because they are indoor cats. Either way, cats are good for your health.

Buy a cat and get reduced blood pressure on the purchase

It is difficult to understand for those who have never had a pet and perhaps even difficult to “buy” the argument that a pet is good for humans, but there are lots of studies that show that it actually is.

As early as 2009, a study came out that showed that a cat in the home reduced the risk of stroke and heart attack.

In this study, it could be seen that cat owners were generally less stressed by measuring their heart rate and blood pressure. It was a large study of 4,000 people between the ages of 30-75 that was followed for 10 years.

In fact, even the researchers were surprised by their own results.

Cuddling with your cat is important for your health

– It turned out that just owning a cat reduced the risk of health problems but also how important it is to cuddle with your cat, it further reduced the risk, says Professor Padnan Quershi, the researcher who led the study at the University of Minnesota.

Maybe the feeling of belonging and less loneliness is one of the reasons why cat owners are less stressed?

Similar results regarding reduced stress show a new study that came in 2017 regarding dog owners.

In Scientific Reports you can read that dogs provide an increased social context and motivation to move.

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