Supplies to Have When Bringing Your New Cat Home (Shopping List)

Your cat or kitten will feel a little lonely and confused when it comes to your home – it has just left everything it knows behind. Therefore, it is good if you have prepared the arrival of the new family member as carefully as possible.

But what does a cat need? And what do you need for a kitten? There are many questions, and Meow has put together a shopping list when you get a cat over things that your little cat will need.

Getting a cat – shopping list:

Transport cage / bag

The first thing on your shopping list, before you get a cat, is a good transport cage. For both your and the cat’s safety, a cat should never be loose in the car when you travel. Before the trip home, you therefore need a transport cage or a transport bag of some kind, preferably a larger model that can be used for both kittens and adult cats. Then you can use it for a long time.

Many cats get a little stressed from traveling and then there can be some mishaps. Be prepared with kitchen paper and clean blankets in case of an accident. To make the miss feel calmer, you can cover the cage with a blanket. The darkness makes the cat feel protected.

Sleeping place

Your cat will probably sleep in your bed, on the sofa or in other comfortable places in your home, but it still needs its own, comfortable sleeping place where it can retreat when it wants to be at peace. A place where it can feel safe, quite simply!

The sleeping area can be a basket or a cushion of some kind. There are many varieties to choose from. Feel free to supplement with a cuddly blanket as well. Place the bed somewhere where there is peace and quiet.

Cat box and cat litter

Next in line on the shopping list when you get a cat, is a good litter box and cat litter. Even if you have thought that your cat should be out, it is still good to have a litter box where it can fulfill its needs.

Whether to choose an open or a covered box is a bit of a matter of taste. Choose a box that is deep enough to hold so much sand that your miss can cover what it has done away with. It also means that less cat litter ends up outside the box. Place the box in an undisturbed place that the cat always has access to.

It can also be good to have a sand shovel that makes it easier when you have to clean the litter box.

Food bowl, water bowl and cat food

The miss will need at least two bowls, one for food and one for water. Feel free to buy a little shallower, wide bowls so that the cat can access without bumping into the sensitive whiskers. Keep in mind that many cats prefer to eat and drink in different places and place the water bowl at least one meter from the food bowl.

What your cat should eat depends, among other things, on how old it is. A kitten should have a food that is adapted for just kittens. It is often good to continue with the same feed that the breeder / previous owner used because cats ‘- and especially kittens’ – stomachs are sensitive. If you need to change food, for example for the kitten to switch to adult food, make a slow transition over ten days.

Toys and claw board

Playing and hunting is important for a cat.

A small kitten learns through play and for an older cat it is good exercise for both body and bud. There are lots of toys to choose from! And with a little imagination and dexterity, you can also make your own.

One thing on the shopping list when you are going to get a cat, which is also for your sake, is a claw piece of furniture. Cats have a natural need to scratch things, but it’s not fun if it gets loose on your furniture. Therefore, it is good to have a claw board or some other type of claw furniture.

Shopping list for other cat things that are good to have

  • Tick ​​removers – Cats that stay outside risk getting ticks. A tick remover will help you safely remove ticks that have had time to bite.
  • Brush / comb – Cats are clean animals and a healthy and healthy cat takes good care of its fur. But if you have a cat with a little longer fur, you will need to spend some time on fur care. Find a good comb or brush that you can use to sort out tangles and remove junk that gets stuck.
  • Cat pharmacy – Feel free to put together a small “cat pharmacy” with things that are good to have on hand, such as tick repellent, wound wash / ointment and blood-stopping wadding.
  • Claw scissors – if you have an indoor cat, it can be good to shorten the claws from time to time. However, outdoor cats need their long claws.

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