The Complete New Cat Owner’s Guide

What fun that you have decided to get a cat. You will have many wonderful years with your four-legged family member. Before you bring the cat home, there are a few things that are good to prepare. As a cat owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that the cat is well. The most basic is of course to give the cat food and water as well as a place where they can pee and poop. In addition, there is a lot you can learn to make the cat’s life as wonderful as possible. We have collected some good tips.

Food and water

You need at least two bowls, one for food and one for water. Most cats do not want their food and water to be in the same place. It can be a good idea to display water to the cat in a couple of different places.

Which cat food to choose depends on the cat’s age, weight, whether it is neutered or not and what activity level it has. Cats have special nutritional needs and are often picky about what food they like. Kittens should preferably eat a food adapted for kittens and given the opportunity to eat many times during the day. An adult cat has a completely different metabolism and needs a different type of food. You can often get good tips from the breeder or from your veterinarian. Read more about which cat food I should choose.

Cat box – also for outdoor cats

Regardless of whether you get a cat that will be inside or outside, you need a cat box. An outdoor cat should also be able to do its needs on a box inside. The litter box should not be near food or water bowls. It is good to place the box so that the cat can easily access it. If you place it in the bathroom, you must be prepared to keep the door to the bathroom open.

There are several different models on the cat box and even here you can test yourself to what the cat likes. Some cats want a hold on their box while other cats do not care. You can also get tested with different types of cat litter or other surfaces.

Cat cage in rattan, plastic or fabric – which should I choose?

To get the cat home in a smooth and safe way, you need a cat cage or transport bag. If you want to drive a car with the cat, you must have it in a cat cage. The cage should be large enough so the cat can stand up and turn around. When the cat is small, you do not need such a large cage or bag, but keep in mind that the cat grows. If you choose the right size from the beginning, you do not need to change when the cat gets older. There are many different models to choose from; it is good to choose a sturdy cat cage or cat bag where the cat is as comfortable as possible. It is an advantage if you can also have a good overview of the cat and see how it feels.

Many cats think that the cat cage is scary, but you can get the cat used to the cage at an early age so that it experiences the cage as a safe and secure place. It is good to leave the cat cage in front so that the cat can naturally get used to it.

Where should the cat sleep?

All cats sleep a lot and need one or more cozy sleeping places where they feel they can get away and be at peace. The wonderful thing about cats is that they are inventive and headstrong and find their favorite places where you least expect it. Preferably in places with a little height.

Cats usually do not like to change places and environment. When you get the kitten or the adult cat home, it is good to delimit a part of the home for the cat so it does not become too much new at once. The cat may be insecure after a move and must be given the opportunity to hide and be left alone. After a few weeks, you can open up to more parts of the home.

Activation and toys

Cats need to claw their claws. A claw piece of furniture or something else that the cat can scratch on can be a good investment. A cat that has the opportunity to go out will find things to scratch outdoors, but a wallpaper with a structure or a sofa can be at least as popular.

Most cats like to climb and get up a bit in the room to get an overview. A larger claw piece of furniture also meets these needs. It is also possible to make smart solutions with shelves or other things that the cat can climb on.

Playing with the cat is a way to activate it but also a way to get to know the cat and build a relationship. There are a variety of toys that you can buy, but you can also make your own toys. The most important thing is that there are no strings, feathers or small parts that the cat can swallow.

Read more about activating the cat.

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