The Top 10 Most Popular Breeds of Cats in Sweden

The domestic cat is by far the most common cat in Sweden, but purebred cats’ specially bred characteristics and appearance make it easier for you to predict the cat’s behavior and choose one that suits you. We list the ten most popular cat breeds!

10. Neva masquerade

Neva masquerade is a sibling breed of Siberian cat that is unlike its sibling “masked”. That is, it has a light body but where the face, legs, ears and tail have a darker color. Beautiful blue eyes. It is an intelligent and curious breed that loves to be with its family.

9. Persians

Persians are calm, quiet cats with an even temperament and who thrive in the company of other cats and dogs. It has long fur with a lot of underwool that requires some fur care and the breed comes in over 300 color variants. It has a short, wide nose and expressive eyes.

8. Devon rex

Devon rex has a special look with short, curly fur that requires no maintenance. The cat breed has a wide and triangular face and whiskers are often frizzy. Devon rex is a lively, intelligent and talkative cat breed that feels good to have another cat as company.

7. Bengal

With its short, patterned fur and soft, creepy gait, the Bengal is reminiscent of wild cats. It is an independent, alert and active breed that enjoys climbing. Bengal is a cross between a Bengal feral cat and a domestic cat that was developed in the 60’s.

6. British shorthair

British shorthair is a friendly and affectionate breed whose short, dense fur and chubby body often make it look like a teddy bear. It has a short nose and large, round eyes.

5. Holy Burma

Holy Burma often has a light body and light paws with darker face, legs and eyes. It is a friendly and quiet but determined cat breed with a calm temperament. Sacred Burmese are a mythical race whose origins have never really been ascertained, but many believe that the race comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma).

4. Norwegian forest cat

The Norwegian forest cat is large and has a special coat with thick undercoat with long water-repellent cover hairs. It is a friendly breed that likes to chat and likes to be high up. Shelves, claw trees and window sills are prized furniture!

3. Maine coon

Main coon is a really big cat breed that is curious, easy to learn and sociable. They have characteristic small tufts on the tips of their ears and, as the name implies, come from the state of Maine in the United States.

2. Siberian cat

An intelligent and social breed with long, thick and water-repellent fur. Siberian cat is curious about nature and easy to learn.

1. Ragdoll

With its beautiful, blue eyes and its calm manner, the ragdoll is the most popular cat breed in Sweden.

The breed originally comes from the USA and is a quiet and calm cat who wants to be with his family.

The name comes from the cat’s tendency to completely relax when you lift it and its special, slightly rocking gait.

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