Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

Buying an animal involves a great deal of responsibility. Cats live for many years and during this time they depend on you to take care of them and make them feel good. Before buying a cat, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Do you have room for a cat?

How do you live? If you live in a crowded or perhaps temporary place, it is smart to wait to buy a cat. Are you going to let the cat go out? If you live in an area where it is convenient to have the cat outside, it works well with an outdoor cat. If, on the other hand, it is an area with dense buildings and busy roads, it is more appropriate to have an indoor cat. You can also make sure the cat secures the home so that it is safe for the cat.

Do you have time with a cat?

How much time are you at home? The cat is not a herd animal like the dog but still wants company and needs supervision at least twice a day. If you work long hours, you may be able to arrange for a neighbor to look after the cat during the day. If you travel a lot, you should already before you buy a cat think about whether you can get help with caring for the cat when you are away.

What does a cat cost?

Buying a cat costs different amounts depending on the type of cat you buy and from whom. Breed cats often cost more than domestic cats. In addition to the cost of the cat itself, there are some things you can invest in when you get the cat and you can count on running costs for food, cat litter, vaccination and more. Read more about what it costs to have a cat.

Where to buy a cat?

Once you have decided that you want to buy a cat, there are different options. Do you want a domestic cat or purebred cat? Most purebred cats are often suitable as indoor cats. They have characteristics that are easier to predict because you have control over the breeding in a completely different way than for domestic cats. Domestic cats, on the other hand, are usually healthier and more resilient than many purebred cats.

If you want a purebred cat, you can look for breeders online. Feel free to compare a couple of different breeders and contact them to find out if they have any kittens going on. You can also find domestic cats most easily online. There are various advertising forums where you can find ads on kittens.

If you can imagine an adult cat, a cat home or cat care organization can be a good option. There you can adopt a cat that needs a new home. It happens that they also mediate kittens. Read more about adopting a cat.

Things to keep in mind when buying a cat

Regardless of where you buy or adopt the cat, keep in mind that:

  • Write a purchase contract. Breeders often have agreements they use. There are also templates to be found online.
  • Ask to see a veterinary certificate confirming that the cat you buy is healthy. At the time of purchase, the certificate must not be older than seven days. Remember that the kitten should not be delivered until at the earliest at the age of twelve weeks.
  • Make sure the cat is vaccinated and ask for information so you know when it’s time for the next vaccination.
  • Check that the cat is marked. As soon as you own the cat, you register as the owner of the cat.
  • Take out a cat insurance policy. If you buy a kitten, it is important to insure it as soon as possible so that nothing happens before it is insured. If you buy an older cat that is already insured, it is important that there is no gap between the insurances.
  • Things you need before you take the cat home: transport cage, cat box, cat litter, food bowl, water bowl, cat food, cat toys and preferably a small cat pharmacy with, for example, tick picker and thermometer.

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