What Are the Pros & Cons of Having Two Cats?

When you are considering getting a cat, it is worth considering whether you should have one or two. The answer will of course not be the same for everyone, and getting two instead of one can mean more work. In this part of the handbook, we go through the pros and cons of getting two cats.

If you have already decided to get two cats, read Choose a second cat for advice on how to choose two cats that will agree.

Benefits of having two cats

The main reason for having two cats is that they can entertain each other while you are away. If you are at work for most of the day, the cat will not get much mental stimulation. Two cats can interact with each other, which will prevent them from getting bored or depressed. This is especially true when you are getting a kitten as they are in great need of attention and need to play and train regularly to develop strong muscles.

Getting two kittens from the same litter is always the best option because they already know each other. This means that it will probably not be a problem to have them together. If you introduce two cats or kittens who have not met before, it will probably start with some ignorance or even aggression, but it usually settles down quite quickly.

Having two cats instead of one does not double the time it takes to take care of them. It is quite obvious, once you have a routine when it comes to food, to let them out and clean up after them, another cat will not lead to much more work.

If you are going to adopt a cat from a cat home, it is of course very positive to get two. Saving two cats from a cat home means that they have twice as much space to save two new cats. Even if it is not a clear advantage for you, it can be nice to think that you save more lives than just the cats you adopt.

Disadvantages of having two cats

The amount of time you need to take care of a cat does not double when you get another cat, but many other things do. Two or more cats will eat more, need more visits to the vet and will cost more to insure. This means that it can quickly become much more expensive.

How many cats are too many?

You may think having more than one or two cats is too many, but a woman in California owns over 700 cats.

Do not think too much about whether it is better to have 3 cats than 2, just make sure that you can take care of your cats in the best way and that you have enough time left over to keep them stimulated.

One thing to remember is that if you are considering getting more cats is that they need to get along.

Your cats will not have a good life if they quarrel with their partner all day.

Take care of your cats

You can apply for a permit to have just about any number of cats, but that does not mean you can fill your house with dozens of cats and think that everything will work out.

The more cats you have, the greater the risk that your neighbors will start complaining that they are disturbed by them, and this can make things very difficult, especially if you live in an apartment. Not only will you have a difficult relationship with people you probably meet quite often, they can also file a complaint to the landlord or tenant-owner association.

Cats also hold on tight to territory, and they can become very stressed and anxious if they live too close to many other cats. As a cat owner, you have an obligation not to injure or allow your cat to be injured either physically or mentally. Stress and anxiety can count as harming your cat, so it is important that you think through your decision before getting more cats, so that you make sure you have enough time and space for them.

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